Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership

Sharing high quality health equity data with everyone

Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP)

The Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) makes high-quality, area-specific, health-related data available to everyone. Our team comprises experts in primary care, geospatial and data analytics partnered with public health professionals, community agencies and researchers. We provide data and maps both at the local and larger areas of geography. Local level maps shine a light on health equity concerns that may be masked at larger areas allowing policy makers to identify and address gaps in access to care. Through our open-access, freely accessible website, we provide free data and maps for everyone to use, download and share. We provide health and health-related indicators in three basic forms: data tables, bar charts and health data maps.

Primary Care Data Reports for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs)

"Ontario Health Teams are being introduced to provide a new way of organizing and delivering care that is more connected to patients in their local communities. Under Ontario Health Teams, health care providers (including hospitals, doctors and home and community care providers) work as one coordinated team – no matter where they provide care."  (See references)
For more information on the methodology, see this blog

Toronto Region Primary Care Workforce Planning Toolkit

The Toronto Region Primary Care Workforce Planning Toolkit is a fit-for-purpose toolkit to support integrated primary care workforce planning in the Toronto Region. The toolkit is the result of a collaboration between the Health Analytics team at Ontario Health Toronto and consultants from the Canadian Health Workforce Network. A partnership with the City of Toronto, as well as extensive consultation with stakeholders, decision-makers, leaders, and frontline workers in Toronto, informed the development of the toolkit.

Partners: Our long-term partners and current clients include health-care planners, hospital administrators, health agencies and scientists. Our team of experts can help partners and new clients conduct research to better understand and predict trends in local areas using spatial analytic methods linked to administrative health and socio-demographic data. See more about our current Partners on the About Us page.
To find out more about becoming a partner, please send an email to: healthprofiles@smh.ca

Celebrating 25 years: The Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) project is celebrating 25 years of providing high-quality data and maps. More details coming soon. Watch the website for updates.
For Unity Health researchers and OCHPP Partners: Take your research to the next level with geographic analyses and maps
    The Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) offers in-house spatial epidemiological consultations. We are able to integrate health and socio-demographic data from various sources to provide spatial analysis and GIS support to most Unity Health Toronto research and OCHPP partner projects.
    Examples of how we can help:
    • Curate local data within the catchments of Ontario Health Teams;
    • Depict patterns of health outcomes and their determinants on static and interactive maps;
    • Conduct spatial statistical analyses;
    • Identify underserviced areas;
    • Estimate accessibility to services.

    We provide free consultations on small projects (e.g. a custom map to spark discussion in a workshop or meeting), as well as fee-based support for larger projects (e.g. teaming up on a grant).

    Contact us:
    Please consider accessing our expertise! For more information or to set up a meeting to discuss your goals please contact:
    Anne-Marie Tynan (anne-marie.tynan@unityhealth.to).

    To find out more information please visit About Us page: How to partner with OCHPP.

    Move the mouse over a button inside the tabbed menu to view testimonials:

    Alison Smoke, BSc (Honours) in Medical Science Candidate, Brock University.
    The Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) team was incredibly supportive and helpful in providing me with data at the scale I desired. The use of this specific data assisted me in adequately answering my research question for the purpose of conducting health geography research during my undergraduate degree.
    Rae Jewett, Course Instructor (Brock University & University of Toronto) and PhD Candidate (University of Toronto).
    The Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) team and resources have been invaluable for teaching students in my courses at Brock University (Dept of Health Sciences) and University of Toronto (Dept of Geography and Planning). Students have used the data and advice of staff to learn how to develop public health research questions and answer them using geospatial analysis and concepts. Additionally, I have used these resources for my own research providing health services planning and policy making support to various health organizations.
    Cynthia Damba, Manager, Health Analytics, Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network.
    A big thank you to the Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) team for excellent analytical and mapping support provided over the years through the website and custom requests. The wide array of socio-demographics and health related data and information that OCHPP offers at different geographic levels has been crucial in informing program and service delivery planning and funding efforts of the Toronto Central LHIN and other LHINs and our various internal and external stakeholders. The OCHPP team is not only knowledgeable and methodological, but demonstrate clear subject matter expertise in community and population health.
    Xun Wang, Senior Analyst, Decision Support, Central Local Health Integration Network.
    Thank you for the great job!
    We have worked with OCHPP since 2015, and I have to say that ontariohealthprofiles.ca has transformed the way I research and analyze health data. The approachable format and readily accessible information allows us to obtain numerous demographic and health indicators and make fast decisions for many of our regional planning projects. A lot of my colleagues and our business partners also benefit from this website. I am looking forward to seeing continued data updates, improvements and new features on the website.
    Catalina Yokingco, Senior Health Information Analyst, Epidemiology and Data Analytics Unit, Toronto Public Health.
    Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) has been outstanding in providing us data at the small area level that we would not otherwise have access to. Thanks to their great partnership with ICES they are able to tap into more in-depth health information that greatly enhances our understanding of the health status of Toronto neighbourhoods.
    Dr. Lu Wang, Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Toronto Metropolitan University.
    Thank you so much for a job well done!
    The Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) team has been providing amazing experiential learning opportunities (practicum, course projects) for graduate students in the Master of Spatial Analysis program at Ryerson. The website has been actively utilized for my teaching and research, and by many students given its rich data and analytical depth.
    Tory Merritt, Director, Transformation and Partnerships, Unity Health Toronto.
    The Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) team's spatial analytic expertise and deep understanding of local areas, was able to provide area-level specific data on easy to understand maps. This additional level of understanding of our Ontario Health Team (OHT) has been helpful in planning, thinking about where we might focus our efforts and in how partners come to the table to support those efforts. We hope to continue to work with OCHPP as we look beyond Year 1.
    Dr. Claire Oswald, Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Toronto Metropolitan University.
    The Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) team has supported the training of Ryerson's Master of Spatial Analysis students for over 10 years. Through our practicum program, one or two students each year have had the enriching experience of working with OCHPP to put their newly learned skills into action. This has been an invaluable experience for our students and we look forward to continuing the collaboration.
  • 2021 Census of Population (more maps coming for Ontario geographies)
  • Hospital Admissions indicators (data tables for all Ontario geographies)
  • Adult Health and Disease
  • ON-Marg 2021 maps and data (for Ontario geographies)
  • Primary Care Attachment maps (for Ontario geographies)
  • Updated RPDB Population Files to 2023 (for Ontario geographies)

Neighbourhoods in City of Ottawa
Neighbourhoods in City of Toronto
Local Areas in OH Central
Neighbourhoods in City of Ottawa
Neighbourhoods in City of Toronto
Local Areas in OH Central

Neighbourhoods in Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant
    Neighbourhoods in South West     Neighbourhoods in Erie St. Clair
Neighbourhoods in Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant
Neighbourhoods in South West
Bar Charts
Ontario Sub-Regions    
Ontario Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs)
Ontario Health Regions
Ontario Sub-Regions
Ontario LHINs
Ontario geographic regions - Ontario Health Regions
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