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Neighbourhoods in City of Ottawa
Neighbourhoods in City of Toronto
Local Areas in OH Central

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Neighbourhoods in Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant
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Data — Local Areas in OH Central

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 Data Topic Category   Local Areas in OH Central
Tables Charts Maps
Census-based population denominators      2021  ^^
Census Variables   
Socio-demographic, Census Canada
Income *     2021  ^^      Select Chart, 2021
Households and Dwellings *     2021  ^^
Population Characteristics *     2021  ^^  
Ontario Marginalization Index    
• Material Resources
• Households and Dwellings
• Age and Labour Force
• Racialized and Newcomer Populations
    2021  ^^  
Registered Persons Database (RPDB)-based population denominators     2023  ^^  
Adult Health IndicatorsTablesChartsMaps
Primary Care   
Attachment to Primary Care:

• Attachment Status: Attached
• Attachment Status: Uncertainly Attached
    2022  ^^
Primary Care: Enrolment and Continuity of Care
Inter-Professional Team Care
Adult Health and Disease    
    2021/22 ^^         2021/22
    2021/22 ^^         2021/22
High Blood Pressure
    2021/22 ^^         2021/22
Mental Health and Addiction-related Visits
    2023 ^^    
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    2022/23 ^^         2022/23
2+ Chronic Conditions
4+ Chronic Conditions
Emergency Department (ED) Care Visits IndicatorsTablesChartsMaps
Emergency Department Care   
Mental Health and Addiction-related ED visits
Hospital Related Conditions IndicatorsTablesChartsMaps
Hospital Admissions   
All Hospital Admissions    
Medical Hospital Admissions    
Surgical Hospital Admissions    
Prenatal, Delivery and Postnatal Conditions    
Mental Health and Addiction-related Hospital Admissions    
Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions (ACSC) Hospitalizations    
Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Days    

194 local areas were developed as part of a collaborative process with Ontario Health Central Region. The result is a set of boundaries and identification labels for small areas - "local areas" - that are representative of the area population demographics and respect Census 2021 boundaries and natural features at a small ("local") scale. A standardized alphanumeric identification is assigned to each local area and is preceded with the letter "C", denoting "Central". Note that the numerical portion of the ID is sequential within each Census Division (CD) but there are gaps in the numbers across CDs. Formal names are not yet assigned to the areas; to align with other OCHPP data sets, an interim name is provided, created from the "Local Area" descriptor along with the area ID. The Census Subdivision (CSD), commonly referred to as the municipality, is also provided in the tables for ease of reference.

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