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Primary Care Data Reports for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs)
NEW 2022 Data Limitations for OHT-specific data

There will be new limitations to the data contained in 2022 OHT-specific reports. The limitations are a result of the lag in updating the attribution methodology used to derive the population numbers for OHTs. New births in the province and patients moving into, out of, and around the province are not captured in these analyses.

Specifically, please be aware of the following caveats, and note that these caveats do NOT apply to the 2022 data report for “All Ontario”:

1.The N for under 5 years of age is low in the OHT-specific reports as children born in or moving to the region after the last attribution date are not captured in the data. We estimate a 30-40% discrepancy between the actual numbers and the numbers we were able to capture in the OHT-specific analyses.

2. All OHTs have seen their total attributed numbers fall due to the removal of people who have died, or no longer have OHIP numbers/no longer meet inclusion criteria (e.g., maximum age, years since last OHIP billing).

Due to these limitations, percentages should be used for data interpretation

Again, this limitation does not apply to all Ontario numbers as all Ontarians are included, even those not attributed to a specific OHT.

March 2022 Updates

Updated Primary Care Data Reports, including data up to March 31, 2022, are being released over the first quarter of 2023. As part of this update, age categories for <19 (<5, 5-9, 10-14, 15-17) have been added and some variable names updated (See PCDR Data Description or Summary for details).

Our Primary Care Data Working Group produced OHT specific Primary Care Data Reports (PCDR). The group includes: Dr. Michael Green, Dr. Richard Glazier, Eliot Frymire, Shahriar Khan, Dr. Kamila Premji, Dr. Imaan Bayoumi, Dr. Liisa Jaakkimainen, Dr. Tara Kiran, Lynn Roberts and Peter Gozdyra.
The reports use standard health administrative measures in primary care in conjunction with measures for attachment to a primary care provider to deliver a standardized document for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). These reports are intended to provide a deeper understanding of the attributed population of each OHT.

How to access the Primary Care Data Reports
  • Using the map or from the list below, select the OHT of interest
  • From the report content list, select the information to be viewed
Contents of Report



Overview of the report, metrics used, glossary of terms
Maps on each OHT (March 2022 maps will be posted when available)
Two excel data set files are available. Each has 7 sets of tables organized by tab
Commonly asked questions about the PCDR

Further Questions?

Please contact

Eliot Frymire
Research Manager-INSPIRE-PHC

Lynn Roberts
Research Coordinator

Ontario Health Teams organize and deliver care that connects patients to their care providers. Under Ontario Health Teams, health care providers (primary care providers, hospitals, and home and community care providers) work as one coordinated team – no matter where they provide care.  (See references)
For more information on Physician Networks for Ontario Health Teams, see this blog.
Ontario Health Team (OHT) Index map - select OHT to view Primary Care Data Reports *
   * INSPIRE PHC has designated Physician Specialty Networks (PhysNets) regions with 2-digit codes, regions with 4-digit codes are approved OHTs. Work is in progress by the Ministry of Health to establish the remaining PhysNets into OHTs.

    INSPIRE-PHC is pleased to update Primary Care Data Reports for all OHTs. We have added age adjusted categories for children to this update.

Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) map 1002 All Nations Health Partners OHT 1033 Rainy River District OHT 49 Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Ctr PhysNet 41 Geraldton District Hospital PhysNet 44 Timmins & District General Hospital PhysNet 36 Anson General Hospital PhysNet 40 Espanola General Hospital PhysNet 65 Health Sciences North-Laurentian PhysNet 65 Health Sciences North-Laurentian PhysNet 1001 Algoma OHT 1049 North Simcoe OHT 1045 Ottawa - West Four Rivers OHT 1030 Ottawa OHT / Équipe Santé Ottawa 1013 Ottawa East OHT 1050 Great River OHT 1020  Lanark, Leeds and Grenville OHT 1014 Frontenac, Lennox and Addington OHT 1024 Near North Health and Wellness OHT 1024 Nipissing Wellness OHT 1023 Muskoka and Area OHT --> 1048 Ottawa Valley OHT 1047 Hastings Prince Edward OHT 1032 Peterborough OHT 1029 Northumberland OHT 1006 Kawartha Lakes OHT 1010 Durham OHT 1010 Durham OHT 1012 Eastern York Region and North Durham OHT 1012 Eastern York Region and North Durham OHT 1037 Southlake Community OHT 1008 Couchiching OHT 1043 Barrie and Area OHT 1036 South Georgian Bay OHT 1046 Grey Bruce OHT 1017 Hills of Headwaters Collaborative OHT 1041 Central West OHT 1041 Central West OHT 1027 North Western Toronto OHT 1027 North Western Toronto OHT 1040 Western York Region OHT 1040 Western York Region OHT 1035 Scarborough OHT 1035 Scarborough OHT 1028 North York Toronto Health Partners OHT 1028 North York Toronto Health Partners OHT 1022 Mississauga OHT 1022 Mississauga OHT 1038 West Toronto OHT 1038 West Toronto OHT 1021 Mid-West Toronto OHT 1021 Mid-West Toronto OHT 1009 Downtown East Toronto OHT 1009 Downtown East Toronto OHT 1011 East Toronto Health Partners OHT 1011 East Toronto Health Partners OHT 1026 North Toronto OHT 1026 North Toronto OHT 1007 Connected Care Halton OHT 1003 Burlington OHT 1016 Greater Hamilton Health Network 1025 Niagara OHT 1031 Oxford and Area OHT 1042 Brantford Brant OHT 1004 Cambridge North Dumfries OHT 1015 Guelph Wellington OHT 1019 Kitchener, Waterloo, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich (KW4) OHT 1018 Huron Perth and Area OHT 1039 Middlesex London OHT 1044 Elgin OHT 1005 Chatham-Kent OHT 1034 Sarnia Lambton OHT 1051 Windsor Essex OHT
Select the Ontario Health Team to view Primary Care Data Reports
OHT IDOntario Health Team (OHT) NameAvailable Reports
1001Algoma OHT
Algoma OHT
1002All Nations Health Partners OHT
1003Burlington OHT
1004Cambridge North Dumfries OHT
1005Chatham-Kent OHT
1006Kawartha Lakes OHT
1007Connected Care Halton OHT
1008Couchiching OHT
Couchiching OHT
1009Downtown East Toronto OHT
1010Durham OHT
Durham OHT
1011East Toronto Health Partners OHT
1012Eastern York Region and North Durham OHT
1013Ottawa East OHT
Ottawa East OHT
1014Frontenac, Lennox and Addington OHT
1015Guelph Wellington OHT
1016Greater Hamilton Health Network
1017Hills of Headwaters Collaborative OHT
1018Huron Perth and Area OHT
1019Kitchener, Waterloo, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich (KW4) OHT
1020Lanark, Leeds and Grenville OHT
1021Mid-West Toronto OHT
1022Mississauga OHT
Mississauga OHT
1023Muskoka and Area OHT
1024Nipissing Wellness OHT
1025Niagara OHT
Niagara OHT
1026North Toronto OHT
1027North Western Toronto OHT
1028North York Toronto Health Partners OHT
1029Northumberland OHT
1030Ottawa OHT / Équipe Santé Ottawa
1031Oxford and Area OHT
1032Peterborough OHT
1033Rainy River District OHT
1034Sarnia Lambton OHT
1035Scarborough OHT
Scarborough OHT
1036South Georgian Bay OHT
1037Southlake Community OHT
1038West Toronto OHT
1039Middlesex London OHT
1040Western York Region OHT
1041Central West OHT
1042Brantford Brant OHT
1043Barrie and Area OHT
1044Elgin OHT
Elgin OHT
1045Ottawa - West Four Rivers OHT
1046Grey Bruce OHT
1047Hastings Prince Edward OHT
1048Ottawa Valley OHT
1049North Simcoe OHT
1050 Great River OHT
Great River OHT
1051Windsor Essex OHT

This project was in part funded by the MOH